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Only Amana® brand PTACs are available with DigiSmart, our exclusive energy management system designed to help you save up to 35% in PTAC energy costs.* This system allows precise temperature control to ensure the highest comfort level with the lowest possible energy.

DigiSmart Occupancy Sensor
Senses when guests are away, then gradually increases the room's temperature to reduce energy usage. When guests come back, the PTAC begins cooling again.

DigiSmart Wireless Remote Thermostat
Allows accurate temperature adjustment in one degree increments to prevent over-cooling. Comes with a built-in

DigiSmart Occupancy Sensor.

DigiSmart EMS Platform Controller
Allows you to monitor and control individual PTAC units, room conditions, and peripherals through a single web interface. You'll be able to adjust room temperature as needed and keep tabs on the unit's performance. 

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