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You deserve high-quality products that are reliable and last longer than the rest. Our most advanced PTAC unit yet arms you with increased durability, better energy management, and quiet indoor comfort.

To minimize the operating sounds, we’ve acoustically engineered our system with an indoor tangential fan for quiet and even air distribution and a two-speed indoor motor for enhanced guest comfort. Additionally, the two-speed outdoor fan allows for lower overall sound.

New features include but are not limited to:

  • Minimized operating sounds with a brand-new acoustically engineered system

  • Enhanced guest comfort with a two-speed indoor motor

  • No on-board controls allowing for streamlined appearance and operation

  • Integrated Bluetooth and RF connectivity

  • Customizable option like Make-up Air, Smart Vent and Economizer, Lighting Control, Seacoast, and more.

Energy Efficient

Amana brand PTACs can help you save up to 35% in PTAC energy costs.*

Premium Quality

Amana brand PTACs are designed to last and are backed with a 5-year parts limited warranty.**

Readily Available

Since Amana brand PTACs are assembled in the USA, you can anticipate quick and easy delivery to your facilities.

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