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When planning on your next building project, ask your architect to select Amana brand cooling and heating products. Our PTACs, Through-the-Wall (TTW) units, and Window Removable Air Conditioners (WRAC) provide you with low-cost heating and cooling options for your new property. When you install Amana brand units, you can experience less down time and more guest comfort, helping to maximize your occupancy rates.

All Amana brand PTACs:

  • Have been assembled in the USA for over 35 years

  • Provide comprehensive after-sales service

  • Are backed by a 1-Year Entire Unit Limited Warranty and a 5-Year Sealed System Limited Warranty**

  • Come in a wide-variety of sizes and models to meet your needs


Amana brand PTACs are assembled in the USA to ensure the best quality control and product availability—leading to less down times and unfilled rooms. Special options include a variety of exterior grille styles, as well as versions for extra dehumidifying and for use in salt air environments. Amana brand's PTACs use R-410A refrigerant and are designed to fit rooms large and small, with nominal capacities from 7,000 BTU/h to 17,000 BTU/h.

Window Removable Air Conditioners

Our WRAC units are easy to install and provide the ideal environment for your guests. They range in nominal capacity from 9,000 BTU/h to 17,000 BTU/h.

Through-the-Wall Units

Our TTW units can be installed in standard 26" wall openings to help provide a comfortable guest experience. They range in nominal capacity from 9,000 BTU/h to 12,000 BTU/h.

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