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Amana   Brand Vertical Terminal Air Conditioners



Keeping Guests Comfortable and Saving You Money

All-New Amana brand VTACs increase energy efficiency and provides personalized comfort for your hotel guests, all backed by an industry-leading warranty and nationally-trusted support team.

Introducing our latest line of Amana brand VTAC units! Whether you’re looking to upgrade your hotel’s cooling and heating units or you need to choose units for a brand new property, Amana brand VTACs provides the industry’s best in quality at an incredible long-term value.

Each unit comes completely self-contained so that each guest can individually control their room. This also makes sure you never have to perform a whole-building shutdown due to just one system.

Each Amana brand VTAC is easily installed, meaning lower upfront costs for you (an improvement from VTACs in the past). Plus, you’ll be backed by Amana’s incredible parts and labor warranties. Our repair and maintenance teams work fast, so you can keep running hotel operations.



  • Low-Maintenance / High-Efficiency Brushless DC Motors

  • Fully-Painted Steel Exterior -
    No Corrosion, Ever!

  • Quiet and Compact, for More Spacious Suites and a Better Night’s Sleep

  • Simple, One-Hookup Installation
    (Eliminates HVAC Technician/License Costs)

Are you ready for cooling/heating units that save you money and return your investment?

Call us at 800-760-9212 or fill out our online form to Request a Quote today!

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